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Finally...............woohoo it's taken me a couple of years, to make this happen but on 15 Oct 2016 I launched my own website.  As much as I love my etsy shop I didn't like the idea of having all my eggs in one basket.  So finally after tons of researching, long hours and more researching, I finally made it happen.  

Unlike my etsy shop, this shop will only feature my beaded hoop earrings (all other jewelry will be in the etsy shop).  I'll be posting new earrings weekly! 

I'm new at blogging so please bear with me.  Feel free to stop by say hello, leave a comment/suggestion or even a pic!

Feel free to still stop by my etsy shop to see more jewelry:


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  • Tracie on

    I’m so glad you’ve ventured out in other ways to get your beautifully handcrafted authentic jewelry out for us shoppers to see and buy. You provide such an array of beautifully crafted beads for the jewelry lover to go crazy over. To add the cherry on the top, I love that you provide customization services to meet the personal desires and requests of the buyer. Love it, love it, love it………. I know I can purchase a gift for my cherished family and friends knowing it was made with hands of love just for them or me – not made by some mass producing machine! You’re jewelry is quality that brings smiles and compliments to those who wear it. You rock ChristalDreamZ!

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