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Not my typical Saturday

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Usually my Saturday morning consist of early morning coffee with my love, while my "mini love" Brayden sleeps in. We discuss the days schedule, I usually manage to get in my bead room at some point and time either to create new pieces or to take photos, while Brayden takes turns torturing us.

But today was nowhere near my typical Saturday..........I had a work event scheduled for my day job this afternoon so I had to ensure all that was taken care of, sign-in sheets, supplies, change, smiles etc.  But before we even got to the event the craziness started.  So if you know anything about me you already know I can be a bit girly.........and I'm ok with that, but as girly as I am...I absolutely have no love for doing nails.  I love when they're done but by day 2 it just seems like chipmunks have been nibbling on my polish.  But today I thought "it's the weekend; let me paint my nails this beautiful turquoise and purple color."  I finished my nails and wouldn't you know it, I dropped the entire dang bottle of turquoise on the floor it splashed everywhere, and of course I couldn't do much because my dang nails were wet. So after lots of fun words escaped my mouth, I let my hubby know "uhhhhhhhhh, this is what happens when I'm trying to be cute." He just smiles at me and says ahhhhhh no worries!  All I can think is uhhhh too late!  Here's a pic of my nails, cute but not worth all the hassle lol! 

Anywho after a stop to the store to get more marshmallows and graham crackers, we finally made it to the event.  Set up the table, signed in all the registrants and the event was a huge success, my guys had a great time (thank goodness).  I made my very first smore's ever......yep yall heard me right my first Smores.  Needless to say It definitely was not my typical Saturday!!!!!!

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  • Peace&HappyGal on

    Although you may have a splash of turquoise on the floor, you’re nails looked oh so cute! Who says you can’t add a hint of color to your carpet to accent your nails (whether you intended to or not?) Such a funny story though- looks like you handled it like a charm! BTW, your nails looked "maaaahvelous Dahlin’. Keep up with your fabulous jewelry making! – Peace&Happiness

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