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About us

Hello! I'm Christal, owner, designer and dreamer of ChristalDreamz.

I was the neighborhood kid that collected rocks, painted them bold and bright colors, then sold them to friends and family.  Later, I designed and created my own colorful stationery.  Dreams of having my own business were next, but life being life, my dreamz of being a business owner were just that .........dreamz!

Life went on and the desire of business ownership started to resurface from my love for jewelry and accessories.  Little did I know, that small decision to make jewelry would turn into my dream come true.  After reading tons of books and purchasing a whole lot of beads, I made my very first beaded stretch bracelet (which I still have to this day) and fell in love. My friends and family were my "lucky" test clients, full of kind words and encouragement.  One of my YouTube friends told me about Etsy and ChristalDreamZ was born 16 Nov 2009 and from that day on my dreamz were just starting to come true.

Wearing a uniform to work during the day leaves me with no wiggle room for creativity.  So when I'm creating jewelry I absolutely go color overboard.  My heart races with each new piece, made for those that truly appreciate color and aren't afraid to show it.  I adore working with my clients on creating custom pieces, nothing better than a one of a kind piece created just for you. VIBRANTLY you....................